Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exciting Day well sorta! =)

Just got off skype with the husband =) its his day off! Boy o Boy I love getting to talk to him all day =) but today i had this brilliant plan to maybe get my but in gear to start working out again cause ive been slackin lately which isnt good so i came up with a reward system my hubby agreed to as in he buys me what i want when i reach each goal of course he always buys me what i want but thats besides the point haha anyways my goal is by my 21st bday which is 6 months from today i want to drop 50 pounds people!!!! yikes haha but he says i can do it if i want it bad enough which i do =) and every ten pounds i lose i get something in return like first 10lbs i get a movie of my choosing lose 20lbs i get a special date he fixes up the whole thing lose 30lbs i get my hair done lose 40lbs i get a tattoo(first tattoo) and the big 50 i get a whole new wardrobe and dammitt im gonna get it haha so wish me luck cause this is gonna be tough cause im super super lazy right now =) but new topic as of right now im writing this and i look over and see my dogs relaxing and i can barely see tank hes on his back under the cover where u can barely see his nose and foot its to cute!

well got a busy day tomorrow i best be getting some shuteye night! =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sick Day =(

So today started off kinda blah! woke up with a sore throat,tummy pains, and some major sinus issues needless to say i drug my ass up hahaha 5 different pills later a couple cough drops and a small nap im not doing to shabby =) but ive only been up for a total of 8 hours today but im soooooo pooped all i wanna do is sleep but im gonna try and stay awake for a couple more hours so i dont wake up super early =) but on a side not i just got off skype with my amazing hubby who always makes me feel better no matter what im so ready for him to be home i miss the hell out of him but soon i will be in his arms again and i cant wait im super stoked!!!! anyhoo now im off to go watch me a new criminal minds ahh i <3 them =) oh and i cant wait to see next weeks episode of teen mom 2! wow im such a Freak! anyways nighty night ya'll =)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Blog Ever!

Ok..sooo pretty new at this shoot I'm still trying to figure out twitter I don't know if i ever will haha but anyhoo My name is Brandi and if you read some of the things i filled out on this darn site you should know a bit about me =) I love to put stupid little smileys and haha's so be prepared to be annoyed by those I'm just a pretty happy person =) but I'm pretty random and you will be able to tell from my blogging once i start doing it everyday. I suck at punctuation and formation of sentences so give me a break =) anyways so i guess i will tell you about my day and what my situation is as of the moment....My situation is as of right now I'm a happily married woman and I have been staying with my parents and lil bro for the past 2 months because my husband is currently deployed and has been since very early July which sucks!!!!!!! but about the 3rd month of him being gone i got bored! i was working a BK (burger king) but it just wasn't cutting it shoot i all had was my dogs to keep me company at night and of course i had wonderful friends to keep me company which was super nice until i just got bored i guess i just wanted a new change of scenery and i missed my family so here i am in plain o Jane Kansas after a long....22 hour drive with my friend Jordan who flew back soon after but ever since then it hasn't been to bad. kinda wish i would of stayed in Idaho though after only having been here a month but now im going on my third month soon but lately hasn't been so bad I've gotten to reconnected with old high school friends and even made new ones =) and have gotten alot closer to my lil brother in law Thomas man i love that kid! but anyways man im rambling haha right now at this very moment im laying in bed bored out of my mind at 4:11am because for some reason my sleep schedule has been out of whack but right now im laying in bed with my Boys(my dogs) about ready to hit the hay and be ready to wake up in the morning to talk to the love of my life via Skype! which by the way is the greatest thing =) so i guess i will be blogging from now on and maybe i wont ramble so much who knows but ya... Goodnight.